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Helping African and African American Communities and underpriveledge children.

The African American And African Foundation on Science, Education and Economic Development as been helping African and African american families  close the gap and disparity between white and black student education.

More than 60 years after Brown vs the Board of Education the school system in the United States are still seperate and unequal.

Our findings show that many factors contribute to disparities in education. Lower wealth, lower health and lower parental education levels as well as dealing with a sometimes injust justice system and many other factors which affect the African American communities. This all leaves blacks without the same educational opportunities as whites.


How Your Donations Help

The economic opportunities that have been produced by scolarships and jobs have improved African and African American education and cultural achievements.

Black women and men have been directed to complete a high school diploma (GED) Young mothers and farthers with children will received scollarships and directed to educate themselves to achieved jobs for themselves and their children

Our focus is on, Elememtary, Junior high and high school, Apprenticeship, Vocational Training, Businesss, Junior College, University Programs, R.O.T.C Training and Skilled Trades.

The US as Acknowledge our cause and has approved the 501 (c) 3 non-profit-status.

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